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The best Spanish series on Netflix

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The long-awaited Christmas holidays arrive, and with them the cold afternoons and nights that many enjoy to relax under a thick blanket and well sunk in the couch, looking out the window, imagining the cold that reigns outside. It’s good to be warm at home!

Whether you are one of those who make your sofa your best friend, or those who need to take a break between your holidays and visit new places like Barcelona, ​​we have the best list of Spanish culture represented in the Spanish series that you can see on Netflix.
Visiting a country is not only walking in its cities or visiting the most prominent museums, it’s learning its cuisine, culture, art, or even live new experiences and, in this case, live adventures alongside the best series of the country.

La casa de papel: This serie represents an armed robbery committed at the national money and stamp factory. During the robbery, they will try to change the vision of their actions so that they go unpunished. Five months of preparation will be reduced to eleven days of action.

Las chicas del cable: It tells the life of four women who work in a telecommunications company in Madrid. It takes place in 1928. All its aesthetics is very well worked.

Merli: Represents the daily adventures of an institute where one of the teachers is a bit weird. This Catalan series was broadcast on Netflix and crossed the ocean to become famous in Latin America. Each chapter has a peculiarity, it highlights each time a different classical philosopher.

Velvet: A series that tells the adventures of a couple to live their love. Taking place in the fashion world, they pass through the galleries located on Gran Vía Street.

Tiempos de guerra: The series takes place in 1921. Queen Victoria Eugenia orders the Red Cross to visit the conflict zone in Africa. There will be a thousand stories in the same line of conflict.

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