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3 getaways to do in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a unique and wonderful city, but sometimes the call of nature is heard and it is good to leave the city and the asphalt for a day.
For these moments, nothing better than to take a car or public transport and to enjoy the landscape and a bit of adventure.
We consider ourselves to be fans of the Costa Brava. We have been going there each summer for more than 9 years. We organize our kayaking and snorkeling trips there and we fall in love with this region of Catalonia every year.

If you already know the region of the Costa Brava, we recommend 5 getaways near Barcelona.

Let’s start with Sitges. This small town will allow you to disconnect for a day. The best option to get there is to take the train. With the R2 departing from Paseo de Gracia, you can reach Sitges in about 45 minutes. In Sitges, you will find not only beaches and a promenade, but also many restaurants, a lot of life and an ideal place to relax while returning home the same evening.

Another getaway near Barcelona is Figueres. This city is known worldwide for its Dalí’s museum. But there is not only this incredible museum, but also a walk in the old town, museums like the famous toy museum, a church or the love between Gala and Dalí that fills some places with rather strange statues. With the RENFE train, you can get there. Only 1h40min from Barcelona

Besalú has been and remains one of the places par excellence for anyone wishing to discover medieval architecture. At the origin of this city, a castle that you can still visit and lose yourself in its streets and corners as if you were in Middle Ages. A place of charm and history that leaves no one indifferent. You can get there by bus Teisa. You can not arrive directly by train, but if you arrive in Banyoles, Olot or Figueres, take a bus from there. Direct bus or car will be the best way to get there.

Barcelona has other charming places in its surroundings, such as Montserrat or Girona, which are the other two places of pilgrimage for those who want to know Catalonia. We encourage you to enjoy Barcelona and to enrich yourself with all the culture that Catalonia has to offer.

This post is in colaboration with Stop and Go the company of transport express.

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