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Top 5 Barcelona Beaches

Cycling tour stop by the beach.

Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city brimming with rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery, warm, tropical weather, and all in all, good feelings. It’s no wonder why it is a hot spot for tourists from all over the world. The variety of food, music, entertainment and recreational activities are enough to keep anyone occupied for months. One of the most alluring parts of Barcelona, however, the beaches filled with tanned bodies. Barcelona’s beaches have a near magical quality to them. The sand seems warmer and a sandier colour and the water is glistening blue, cool and refreshing especially when the sun’s heat is always turned up high. With that being said there are still certain beaches in Barcelona that draw more attention from both tourists and locals. If you ever visit Barcelona, here are five remarkable beaches that are definitely worth visiting:


Barceloneta Beach is lively and exciting to say the least. It’s the central area for beachside entertainment and delicious fried food. From sand artists, to drum players and even donut salesmen that sing and dance as you fill your belly with hot, fresh and irresistible food. It’s definitely one of the hottest spots for tourists, making it a very crowded area. What adds to this beach’s undying excitement and personality are the highly-frequented seafood eateries scattered all around the beach. The taste cannot be beat. We personally tend to hit the beaches further up such as Bogatell and Selva de Mar. It’s a nice walk to get there or you can take the Metro (Yellow Line). This is just a bit too crowded for us, and watch your wallets and bags!


Mar Bella Beach is situated not too far from the City Centre. It is famous for its nudist section which is discreetly hidden by large dunes from the main beach area. Apart from its nudist side, it’s also known as a large hub for people of the LGBT community and it’s definitely the beach to frequent if you’re into late-night raves.


Bogatell Beach gets its name from the Bogatell Metro which it’s only a fifteen minute walk from- talk about convenient. Compared to the overcrowded and hype Barceloneta beach, Bogatell is calmer and much more peaceful. It could even be considered the fanciest beach on the list. Most sunbathers and people seen on Bogatell’s sandy planes are languidly-moving sunbathers enjoying the sand between their toes and letting their wide-brimmed sunhats soak up the sun for them. This beach is the perfect place to go if you’re just looking for a quiet place to tan.


Nova Icaria beach is a huge attraction for the younger crowd. The beach itself is surrounded by tons of places to entertain yourself with before and after your day in the sun. It’s situated close to the Olympic observatory and marina and the Icaria Shopping Centre is a close neighbour. If you’re into water sports like surfing, diving, wakeboarding, jet skiing and so on then this is the right beach for you. The waters are always filled with energized beach goers enjoying the cool waves with a board or rope in their hand, or sometimes just going for a relaxing swim.


Ocata Beach is a bit farther from the city than most- a half-hour train ride- but it’s completely worth it. The entire beach is just a large, flat stretch of sand, making it bigger and more spacious than most. With that much space, people there are more spread out, making it a quieter and more peaceful place to go to catch the sun.
Barcelona is truly a large hub for all kinds of things- from food to fun activities and cultural shows, and the best part is that all that can be found on many of the beaches they have. Or if you prefer quieter stretches of sand, or more water-based activities you can easily find a beach that’s right for you.

Which are your favorite Barcelona beaches? Please share any favorite spots with us!

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