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The most typical souvenirs of Barcelona

A selection of polaroids from different locations in Barcelona


Whoever has never bought a souvenir, raise his hand, whether you bought it for yourself, for a family member or a friend. This seems like an unwritten rule, when we go traveling, we buy gifts for everyone. Sometimes you have to keep some space in your suitcase to bring back what your friends have subtly asked for and that you have to buy before you go back home.
There are a lot of types of souvenirs and it seems like the further you go, the more you have to bring back.
In Barcelona, ​​there are typical shops full of souvenirs and colorful sculptures that catch the eye of all lovers and non-lovers of this type of shopping. A souvenir to bring back from his trip.

The most popular souvenirs in Barcelona are:
From Gaudí-inspired classic magnets for refrigerators, the cathedral or the Sagrada Familia magnets, to Iberian ham packaged under vacuum.
Let’s not forget the famous modernist ceramics, Gaudí’s sculptures, mainly the Güell Park salamander or the typical bull, more emblematic of Spanish culture than of the Catalan region. In Barcelona, for example, the bullfights were suppressed years ago.

In several stores you can also find the famous and particular “porrón”. A sort of glass pitcher used for drinking wine. Very traditional in Catalonia, especially in the villages.
In recent years, typical Catalan shoes, Catalan ‘’espardeñes’’, have become very popular around the world, including for big fashion icons, influencers, and so on. A comfortable shoe, very versatile.

In terms of souvenirs, it can be very difficult to know what to buy, because you have to know the taste of your friends and family to make sure it won’t end up as dust catch on a shelf.

That’s why before buying, we always recommend to enjoy Barcelona, ​​to soak up all its knowledge, its gastronomy and its history. Instead of buying material items, learn about its stories and feel the city. And if you really need to buy something, here are some examples of the most typical souvenirs of Barcelona.

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