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Festivities in February

An assortment of blue and orange lights

Barcelona organizes activities every month of the year. It is not only in summer that you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Precisely during the month of February, there are several festivals. Not only the famous carnival which takes place between February 21 and 25, but there are also the festivities of the saint patron of the city of Barcelona which are also celebrated: Santa Eulàlia.

These festivities are the second most important ones in the city after La Mercé, which is celebrated during the summer. These are the quintessential winter festivals.
Thousands of activities, music and workshops to enjoy and for all ages. During this vacation, you can see the famous Castellers, human towers, who fight gravity and form beautiful people towers.

Normally, this activity is celebrated in Plaça Sant Jaume, in the heart of the Gothic quarter. Also in the center of the city you can see a very traditional spectacle such as Correfoc. Fireworks, timpani, music and lots of entertainment will take place in the streets of the city center.

In addition to these activities, another event takes place in the streets, premises and alleys of the Gothic quarter. It is the Festival de la llum (Festival of Light). Although over the years it has largely moved to the Poble Nou district, you can also enjoy these facilities in some buildings and premises of the Gothic quarter

And if there is a popular saying about the city, is that Barcelona never sleeps, and this is a clear example of this, every month of the year is good for learning, creating, cultivating and sharing. February is also the month of love and friendship if you are looking for activities and things to do in couple we recommend you to visit Slow Spa with great  experiences for couple in Barcelona.
Are you coming?

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