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What to do in Barcelona for Christmas 2020

Caricatures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph wearing face masks

Every kind of gathering and celebration is more complicated this year and it seems like our treasured Christmas festive season will be no different. Many of us will not be able to be close to our loved ones this year, not only due to some mobility restrictions but also due to the number of people restrictions and respecting the social distance with the most vulnerable to Covid-19. Many of us at Excursions Barcelona are expats in our adopted city and for some of us this will be our first Christmas in Barcelona.
Be that as it may if you are going to be this Christmas 2020 in Barcelona, ​​we want to share with you some ideas so as not to get bored and not be where everyone always is.

Fancy some fresh air?
-I’m sure that at some point you will need it, so a good walk in Collserola will be welcome. There are many paths to walk leaving from the Tibidabo funicular and are suitable for cycling and walking. It does get busier on weekends but the place is huge and you will still feel alone most of the time.

-If your legs allow it, we recommend that you walk the entire Barcelona coastline, or better yet, a good bike ride along the entire coast, to finish at the 3 chimneys, few people get there and the truth is that there are green areas very good to rest and relax. It might be winter but the Barcelona winter sun is still beautiful to feel on our skins at this time of year.

-Near there is the Forum area, ideal for skating, not only with skates, with longboard, or skate, with descents, for beginners and more experienced.

-If you want to see a different place in the city, also in that area of ​​the Forum, near the sea, you will find the artificial pools. (not to bathe now… or maybe yes!) It’s a great open space to sit and contemplate and maybe plan on finally getting those swimming lessons you have been thinking about for years.

-It will seem obvious but you have rarely gone walking along the breakwaters of Port Olímpic. Most people walk around the boats in Port Olímpic but rarely get to the end. If you keep walking through the restaurants you will reach the jetty, there you will have direct views of the sea, normally there are not many people so it is also a good option to spend a while looking at the sea, sitting chatting and disconnecting from the city.

Looking for activities and ideas to be outdoors?
-If you want to play some sports and get some exercise then I recommend a game on the beach. All the beaches are full of people playing volleyball, (professionals and amateurs), there are also those who play beach tennis with the typical wooden blades, play badminton with or without a net, soccer etc …
The luck we have in Barcelona is precisely that there are many beaches and a lot of space to occupy so there will always be room for your team / group and for you. And most importantly, keeping with social distancing guidelines.

– If you are only two or a small group, I recommend a park next to Barceloneta, right next to Hospital del Mar, a quiet park with a very large round court to play basketball and a couple of ping pong tables. They are a good alternative to the well-known tables in the Ciutadella park, which are always full. Those two ping pong tables are in a perfect place to play and then walk on the beach.

From Excursions Barcelona we always recommend activities, preferably outdoors and always following safety regulations. Since we are going to have to live a Christmas vacation like this, at least if we do it well, they may be the only ones and remain as one more anecdote in life. Be that as it may, doing it well costs nothing. So now you just need to enjoy these Christmas parties in Barcelona. Let’s make the best of it.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2021. Please stay safe.

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