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Let’s stop throwing food away!

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Let’s start the year off right, but we have to finish it well first, and for that we want to share this blog.

Our dear Barcelona is always up to date and this time in favor of the war against food waste. We see ourselves as a company with values, which also includes food and waste.

Whether you are passing through or from the European Union, you can access this movement and join it. With more than 12 million people, this movement continues to grow and we do not miss to be part of it. We must support all movements, actions, everything that has an impact on the improvement of the planet and the balance of the resources.

For this reason, we want to share with you the movement #Lacomidanosetira, the European movement against food waste, and in Spain only, more than 7.7 million tons of food are thrown away each year, about 77 football stadiums filled with food . All this in the trash, and it can not continue like this .. We all have the responsibility to improve our habits.
With the need to do something, the movement too good to go.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just a consumer, you can access this movement and contribute to the fight against food waste.
We have already joined this movement and we want to inform all those who believe that small changes help to improve our planet and balance it. In Barcelona, ​​many institutions already use this application and thanks to these, you can contribute to these movements being born. If you want to know more about this one in particular, we leave you this video in which they explain how this new way to stop wasting and throwing food really works.

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