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We are a team of international Tour Guides in Barcelona, we have been offering great alternative excursions in Barcelona and it´s surroundings for many years. If you are traveling alone then come mingle with the rest of the group, if already in a group, no matter how large, we can make it work.

Book a special package with us - Adventure one day with our Kayaking and Snorkeling Day Trip, and one or more of our Bike tours on another day, to cover all the main cultural sights of the city......... leaving you with spare days to to explore or relax on the beach.


Top Barcelona Excursions 




Kayaking and Snorkeling Day Trip - Costa Brava

Enjoy an amazing day in the beautiful Costa Brava Spain, the place that inspired Dali and many others. If you have visited the city and wish to get away in an beautiful location then come and enjoy our Kayaking and Snorkeling tours and have the relaxing day that you deserve...


Magic Night  Bike Tour

Avoid the hot daytime sun and and huge crowds and join us for a special night in Barcelona. Enjoy the lights and mysteriousness of Gaudi's houses, and then ride with us through the Beautiful Exiample to the famous Magic Fountain...


Barcelona City Bike Tours

With this excursion you can discover Barcelona the local way, by using bike lanes and discover all this city has to offer. See how architecture and the city has changed over the years and feel this great city that so many fall in love with every year...


Montjuic Electric Bike Tours

Excursions Barcelona offers a way to see the most unseen and  famous mountains  of Barcelona. With this tour you will see amazing sights and hear some of the lesser known history from the history of the Anarchist to the Olympics of 36 and 92  to the famous Gardens and much more...


Barcelona Free Walking Tour - Historical Center

Barcelona is the most fascinating city on the Mediterranean. From seafaring settlers and barbaric invaders to the greatest artists and architects of the 20th century. Come with us through the Gothic Quarter as we uncover 2000 years of fascinating history.



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